The Approach of Base Concept of System 

System definition can be seen of two approach, which is procedure approach and component / element approach

  1. Procedure Approach

System is a job network of interrelates procedure, flock together to do anactivity or to solve a given target (Taken from fundamental of system analysis)

– Definition of Procedure is a medley in point of instruction step that enlightens (what) one that has to be worked, (who) one that works, (when) worked and (how) working it

  1. Element Approach

System is interacted a group of elements to achieve a certain goal.

Both of definition about system above is right because the definition of system is important role for studying about system definition approach.  The approach of system is a group of elements or components or subsystem is a general definition of system itself.

For example: The company information system is consisting of several subsystems there are inventory subsystem, accounting subsystem, marketing subsystem and etc.


The Characteristic of the System


·        Components of systemAn integrated a set of components for collecting, storing and communicating information.

·        Boundary of system

Boundary of system is scope area between another system and environment.

·        Environment

Environment means is whatever out of the sphere of system that regards to hand out system

·        Interface

Connecting media among one subsystem with another subsystem

·        Input

Input means all of resources that entered into the system

·        Output

Output means result of input have been processed.

·        Processing

A process from input to be output

·        Goal / Objective

It’s functioning because there are limits to what it can do and how it can achieve its purpose within its environment

The Classification of system

  1. Classification of system as abstract system and physical system
  2. Classification of system as natural system and human made system
  3. Classification of system as deterministic system and probabilistic system
  4. Classification of system as close system and open system

Base concept of information

Information system is a system at deep an organization that bridge transactions processing requirement daily, backing up operation, get managerial character and strategy activity of an organization and provides given extern party with needful reporting. The Information as a concept has a diversity of meanings, from everyday usage to technical settings. Resources of information are data. Data refer to a collection of facts usually collected as the result of experience, observation or experiment, or processes within a computer system, or a set of premises.  Data are often viewed as a lowest level of abstraction from which information and knowledge are derived.

Example of information is marketing report from salesmen is useful for management to determine the bonus.

Data processing cycles:


Quality of information

The quality of information

–        Accurate is measured by comparing the data to actual events .Payroll information must be exact or accurate. For example the information must be simple, not confusing and true free from mistakes.

–        Timeliness

The information likes real time system. Its means that the information comes to user can not be late.

–        Relevance

It means the information must have advantages and useful for users. Information is relevant if it leads to improved decision making. It might also be relevant if it reaffirms a previous decision.

Value of information is depending on two factor, advantages and cost.